Contents of the programme.


The Program Content Consists Of 20 Training Units Divided Into An Introduction And Four Sections As Follows:

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Learning Theory

2.1 Learning Theory
2.2 Learning Styles
2.3 The Learning Cycle – Kolb
2.4 The Learning Cycle – Honey Mumford
2.5 The Learning Cycle – McCarthy (Optional)
2.6 Adult Education
2.7 Accelerated Learning (Optional)

Unit 3: Design

3.1 Designing the training system (optional)
3.2 Analyzing training needs
3.3 Defining training objectives
3.4 Designing training courses
3.5 Learning units

Unit 4: Training

4.1 Implementation requirements
4.2 Providing training
4.3 Speaking skills
4.4 Questioning skills
4.5 Dealing with rioters

Unit 5: Training Evaluation

5.1 Training evaluation
5.2 Trainer evaluation

Program Structure.

The Structure Of The Trainer Training Program Consists Of Three Main Sections:

Learning And Training Theory

  1. Learning theory
  2. Learning styles
  3. Adult education theory

Training Design Skills

  1. Identification of training needs
  2. Determine training objectives
  3. Designing the content of the training material

Presentation Skills And Training Evaluation

  1. Implementation of training
  2. Presentation and delivery skills
  3. Training evaluation

Tests and Evaluations.

The Trainer’s Competence Is Evaluated In Terms Of His Knowledge And Skill In Training In The Following Ways:

Evaluating The Trainer’s Competency In Terms Of Knowledge And Skill:
  • Instructor knowledge – measured by a written exam and a multiple-answer test
  • Coach skill – measured by the coach performance scale
  • Trainer Assessment Model (TAM)

Practical Exercises And Tests

Each trainee gives two training presentations:
for 10-12 minutes.
The first presentation: for feedback, which is an oral evaluation from the attendees.
The first presentation: to measure the trainee’s skill

Evaluation Of Trainees

Trainees are evaluated according to an effective trainer evaluation model. The trainer’s performance is evaluated on a computer program for the purpose of comparison and analysis, and the results are shown to the trainee on areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
The evaluation form produces a chart showing the trainer’s performance, indicating the aspects that need improvement in performance (Figure)


Due to the continuous improvement of the course, there may be amendments, changes or additions to the course material from time to time. Sometimes, the number of trainers, the timing of the sessions, or the location of the course is changed.

What will you get in this program?

About the programme.

The Saying “Training Is A Profession For Those Who Have No Profession” Is No Longer True Or Acceptable!

Training Of Trainers Programme – If You Want To Be A Professional Trainer With A High Degree Of Theoretical, Practical Knowledge And Performance. In The Field Of Training, You Do Not Need Any Course Other Than This Course!!!

  • The program contains more than 700 slides, and more than 20 scientific models in learning and training, its methods and methods, course design, writing objectives, performing arts and evaluation, and more.
  • Trainees are evaluated according to an effective trainer evaluation model. The trainer’s performance is evaluated on a computer program for the purpose of comparison and analysis, and the results are shown to the trainee on areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • A unique program that is the first of its kind in the Arabic language in form, content, and performance. It presents the essence of research into learning theories and styles, and a summary of models in training, its skills, and its arts, in a clear and effective manner.
  • The program is characterized by practical application interest that allows the trainee to acquire the necessary skills to become a professional trainer with a high degree of theoretical and practical knowledge and performance, and the graduate will truly be a professional trainer.

This Program Was Held 97 Times, And 1,476 Trainers From 18 Arab Countries Graduated From It.

  • This program is designed for new and professional trainers alike, workers in the field of education, human resource development managers, officials of educational institutions, consultants, and everyone interested in learning and training.
  • The main goal of this program is to prepare its participants theoretically and practically to become capable trainers who are highly competent in analyzing training needs, setting training objectives, designing courses, presenting them, and evaluating them, on scientific foundations and with high-level skills in form and content.

How to register?

You can register in one of the following ways:

You can pay in one of the following ways:

  • Payment via credit card online
  • Direct bank transfer (please call for bank details)
  • Please send an invoice to my company/organization (based on an approved purchase order from the company or organization).

What they say about our programme.

Remote training method.

The British Academy has developed an integrated electronic system for training the trainers’ training program remotely. This system covers all the necessary requirements, including training, tests, evaluation, etc. This system saves time and cost and achieves the program objectives in a complete manner. This system consists of five steps as shown below.

Step 1


1. Registration

Register and pay the fees online or in any other way. The training material files, and all other files and documents related to the program, will be sent to each participant. Those registered in the program will also be informed of how to use the technology that each participant needs to join the live online training.

Step 2


2. Preparation

Each participant studies the training materials and does the following:

  1. Answers the 20 questions and sends the answers as an attached file
  2. Answers 100 multiple answer questions online.

The above-mentioned tasks may take two or three days of study and work by the trainees.

Step 3

Online Training

3. Online Training

Participants are informed of the time and date to attend the live online training. Participants attend live online training. The trainer does the following:

  1. Explain what needs to be explained from the training content
  2. Answering participants’ questions.

This step may take a day or more depending on the number of participants.

Step 4


4. Presentation

Each participant delivers two training presentations of 10-12 minutes each online

  1. The first presentation is during which the other participants give their observations and verbal comments on the coach’s performance
  2. The second presentation involves participants using the TAM system to evaluate the performance of the trainer conducting the presentation

Step 4

Evaluation and Graduation

4. Evaluation and Graduation

is the final step in which each participant does the following:

  1. Complete the online pre- and post-assessment on the TAM system
  2. Signing the accreditation and practice agreement
  3. Complete the online course evaluation form
  4. Graduation and awarding of certificates

Seven Requirements To Complete The Train The Trainer Program.