Contents of the programme.


Who Is This Program For?

  • For human resources managers
  • For educators and teachers
  • For psychological counselors
  • For trainers and consultants

Those who benefit from this course »

  • Ministries and government departments
  • Companies and commercial institutions
  • Schools and universities
  • Police and armed forces
  • Individuals and family

Program Goals

At the end of this program each participant will be able to:

  • Explain the MAPS multi-faceted assessment system
  • Administering MAPS to individuals and groups
  • Interpreting the metric report and providing advice on it
  • Training users of the scale on its administration and application
  • Application of MAPS in developing individuals and institutions
  • Using the scale in leadership development, building work teams, selection, and hiring
  • Application of the scale in education and academic guidance
  • Application of the scale in counseling and family relations


The MAPS program consists of five modules through which participants acquire theoretical knowledge and practical applications to qualify them as practitioners and consultants in the MAPS system.

The theoretical basis of the MAPS scale

  • Man: his personality, thinking, and behavior
  • Related theories and models
  • Historical development and comparison of models
  • The human brain, its functions, and brain research
  • Recent discoveries

Types of measurement and metrics

  • Characteristics of scales: validity and reliability
  • Raw scores and standard scores
  • Types of tests
  • Criterion-referenced tests
  • Standardized tests

Inclination, willingness and ability

  • The relationship between inclination and readiness and ability
  • The relationship between inclination and motivation and personality
  • Factors affecting tendencies
  • Professional inclinations and vocational choice
  • Holland’s theory and the six personality types
  • Preferences, inclinations and desires
  • Fake type and association

The four indicators

  • Thinking styles index
  • Emotional intelligence index
  • Multiple Intelligence Index
  • Holland Functional Index

Using the MAPS scale

  • MAPS features
  • The questionnaire is on paper and on the Internet
  • Report sections and vocabulary
  • Interpretation of the MAPS scale

MAPS scale applications
in the following areas:

  • Leadership development
  • training and development
  • Communication and team building
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Education and academic guidance
  • Family relations

Tests and Evaluation.

There is a test consisting of 70 multiple-answer questions.
Each trainee needs to answer these questions, and they are part of the certification requirements.

What will you get in this program?

About the programme.

Qualification Program For Trainers And Consultants In The “MAPS” Scale.

You Can Now Be A Trainer And Consultant In The MAPS System, Train Others And Provide Consultations In Various Application Area. This Training Program Is Designed To Open Up Broad Horizons For You In Training And Consulting. MAPS Scale For Thinking, Learning, And Intelligence Styles.

To Help Individuals, Educators, Consultants, And Administrators Raise Their Level Of Performance In Business, Personal, And Family Levels.

“MAPS” is a comprehensive, multi-faceted system for identifying patterns of thinking, behavior, intelligence indicators, and career orientation that helps you understand yourself and understand others. It is a system codified in the Arab environment.


“MAPS” was designed based on extensive research that took many years, and it is an effective, easy-to-use system that combines in an integrated way a number of the best tools to help individuals, officials, businessmen, educators, consultants, and students, raise their performance in their work, jobs, and learning. Whether at the institutional level or the personal and family level.


By attending this program, you will be a trainer and consultant in the MAPS system.

You will receive training materials (Power Point files) to train others and provide consultations in various application areas.

The MAPS program opens up broad horizons for you in training and consulting.

You will have two sources of income: (1) from training and consulting, (2) from metrics that you will receive at discounted prices.

A Human Personality Is Like A Thumbprint, No Two Fingerprints Are Alike. There Are No Two Identical Personalities, As Each Personality Is Unique With Its Own Characteristics And Characteristics.

How to register?

You can register in one of the following ways:

You can pay in one of the following ways:

  • Payment via credit card online
  • Direct bank transfer (please call for bank details)
  • Please send an invoice to my company/organization (based on an approved purchase order from the company or organization).

What they say about our programme.

Remote training method.

This system consists of five steps as shown below.

Step 1


1. Registration

Register and pay the fees online or in any other way. The training material files, and all other files and documents related to the program, will be sent to each participant. Those registered in the program will also be informed of how to use the technology that each participant needs to join the live online training.

Step 2


2. Preparation

Each participant studies the training materials and writes down any notes or questions to discuss during the course. Answer as many test questions as possible. Complete the online MAPS questionnaire to obtain your MAPS report.

Step 3

Online Training

3. Online Training

Participants attend live online training. The trainer does the following:

  1. Explain what needs to be explained from the training content
  2. Answering participants’ questions.

Step 4


4. Assessment

Each participant completes the test questions and submits them online or by email

Step 5

Evaluation and Graduation

5. Evaluation and Graduation

This is the final step in which each participant does the following:

  1. Complete the online course evaluation form
  2. Graduation and awarding of certificates