Contents of the programme.


Who Is This Program For?

Human performance technology can be applied to all types of organizations without exception, whether public or private, including educational institutions, the military, administrative agencies and non-profit organizations. It can also be applied to an individual or group of individuals in any institution, regardless of its size, and to any unit, department, department, division, or branch of any institution.

Thus, the program targets all specialists and those interested in the fields of management and leadership, training and consulting, and building and developing human capital in all institutions.

Program Goals

At the end of this program, each trainee will be able to:

  • Definition of human performance technology, its importance and models
  • Distinguish between behavior, achievement and significant performance
  • Identify the performance gap, and the indicator of the possibility of improving performance
  • Evaluate and analyze performance in a scientific manner
  • Intervention selection, design and development


The program consists of four training modules, in addition to the requirements for completing the program, as follows:

Unit 1

Performance of individuals and institutions

  • Human capital and its importance
  • Evaluation and analysis of human performance
  • From training to performance
  • Human performance technology

Unit 2

Performance , behavior and achievement

  • Distinguish between behavior and achievement
  • Valuable achievement and significant performance problems
  • Identify the performance, value and cost gap
  • Performance Improvement Potential (PIP)

Unit 3

Human performance technology models

  • American Society ATD model
  • ISPI model
  • Considered performance analysis flow chart
  • OPAM Model of Human Performance Technology

Unit 4

Performance evaluation and analysis

  • How does the Opam system work?
  • Participatory evaluation process
  • Steps to apply the OBAM system
  • OBAM report and performance improvement plan

Accreditation Certificates.

Program Completion And Certification Requirements:

1. Performance analysis project using the Opam system

To enable participants to provide high-level consulting services requires

Each participant is required to complete a performance analysis project using the Opam system

2. Answer the test questions

There is a theoretical test to be completed by participants


Due to the continuous improvement of the course, there may be amendments, changes or additions to the course material from time to time. Sometimes, the number of trainers, the timing of the sessions, or the location of the course is changed.

What will you get in this program?

About the programme.

Human Performance Technology: How To Double Your Productivity 6 Times
Without Extra Effort And Time.

The first program for consultants and trainers in human performance technology.

Turn an 80% loss into a 600% profit.

Studies and research have proven that 80% of training budgets go to waste and do not add value! The reason for this is that training solves only 15% of problems in organizations.

This matter captured the attention of researchers for many years until they solved the problem with a new methodology that achieved an economic return of more than 600%.

The new methodology is Human Performance Technology (HPT), or Human Performance Optimization. It is the latest method being used in many organizations including government agencies and departments, private and commercial companies, and the military.

The trend towards using human performance technology continues to grow at an amazing rate due to its high return on investment, reaching more than 600% in some cases.

The importance of technology for human performance.

The importance of human performance technology is that it is suitable for analyzing all types of problems and identifying development opportunities. It can also be applied to all types of organizations without exception. Human performance technology uses a specific set of methods and procedures to solve problems and improve performance, and is characterized by:

  1. It depends on “results” and not on “needs” as is the case in training.
  2. It relies on systems thinking in evaluating institutions.
  3. Focus on achievement, not behavior.
  4. Analyze the root causes of problems, not the symptoms of problems.
  5. It helps achieve the goals of institutions by raising the level of achievement of individuals in quantity and quality.

How to register?

You can register in one of the following ways:

You can pay in one of the following ways:

  • Payment via credit card online
  • Direct bank transfer (please call for bank details)
  • Please send an invoice to my company/organization (based on an approved purchase order from the company or organization).

What they say about our programme.

Remote training method.

This system consists of five steps as shown below.

Step 1


1. Registration

Register and pay the fees online or in any other way. The training material files, and all other files and documents related to the program, will be sent to each participant. Those registered in the program will also be informed of how to use the technology that each participant needs to join the live online training.

Step 2


2. Preparation

Each participant studies the training materials and writes down any notes or questions to discuss during the course. Attend synchronous (live) training online

Step 3

Online Training

3. Online Training

  1. Complete a performance analysis project using the Opam system, to acquire the necessary skills for consulting work
  2. Answer test questions to ensure understanding of the theoretical answer to the topic

Step 4

Evaluation and Graduation

4. Evaluation and Graduation

This is the final step in which each participant does the following:

  1. Complete the online course evaluation form
  2. Graduation and awarding of certificates